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Custom Replacement Parts: Solving Maintenance, Repair, and Reliability headaches.

Keeping machinery operating is paramount to the success of any company. This can prove to be quite a challenge when machines use proprietary, expensive, and hard-to-replace consumable or pseudo-consumable parts. Oftentimes these parts must be ordered from the OE supplier at a significant markup with long lead and shipping times.

We support facility maintenance providers by offering custom solutions to these common problems. Our team excels at providing effective and affordable parts with quick lead times. We have the ability to replicate parts, even modifying and improving upon the existing design to better suit a client's needs.

We make custom chutes, feeds, low-friction guides, fuse covers, switch plates, Lexan guards, cutting boards, shields, and so much more.

To see how we can help your company contact Ben at (801) 755-1633 or!


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